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Please read the following document carefully, by visiting any section of this site you agree to accept the use of this site and its contents according to the ‘Terms and conditions’  set below.

This is a contract between AA Medcare Services  Limited (hence forth AACRES). its websites, its clients and you. This contract is deemed binding on all parties. Please read the document carefully.

In this Agreement, the term "you" refers to: (a) an entity entering into this Agreement for use of its employees, (b) an individual becoming a Member of AACRES/its websites under this Agreement, either on his or her own behalf (or as agent for any other entity); or (c) an individual entering into this agreement via affiliation with your governing/membership body, hospital, medical school, University, or other entity ("Institution"), where the individual is employed by or affiliated with the Institution. d)any entity visiting the website and accessing the information available in any form or means; including but not limited to even simply browsing thorugh the material.

Following are the ‘Terms and conditions’ and ‘Terms of Use’ of utilization, participation and membership (if and when offered) in the AACRES  and websites/programs of AACRES and its clients. This document supersedes any previous ‘Terms and Conditions’. You agree to be and remain bound by these Terms and Conditions. You also agree that your use of any of AACRES’ websites is subject to the terms of use on this website, except when the website’s terms of use conflict with these Terms and Conditions, in such case these Terms and Conditions shall supersede.

Please ensure that you have the relevant permissions if any required to access any content of this site. As an AACRES/its websites User/Member, you acknowledge and ensure that at any time you shall not act on behalf of AACRES. You agree that as an AACRES/its website membership or use of the website content’s is in your individual capacity and not as a representative of any other entity (company/organization). You may do so only if agreed in writing between such entity and AACRES/ its websites.

You confirm that any of the materials, regardless of format ("Content") that you submit to AACRES / any of its websites including mmcguru or to any of the AACRES clients are your intellectual property or you has ensured that you have obtained any necessary permissions or licenses to share such Content with AIES/ its websites and its Clients. You further represent that such Content (and AACRES and/or Client’s use of such Content) does not infringe upon the intellectual property rights of its owner/any third party concerned. You also agree you will not submit Content to AACRES/it’s website including mmcguru or to its Clients that is illegal, deceptive, defaming/threatening, blasphemous/ sacrilegious, or misleading, and/or in any way  violate these Terms and Conditions/Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You completely agree to not to hold AACRES/ its websites and clients liable for outcomes at interview/application/ clinically and to indemnify, defend and hold not responsible  AACRES/its websites and its Clients from and against any third party claim that Content you submit and advice received, infringes upon any intellectual property rights, patents, trademarks, or copyright, trade secrets. Etc.

AIES/gastroacademy advice and corrections suggested or any other information/content provided by mmcguru are to be applied only at your discretion, AACRES/gastroacademy does not endorse and is not responsible for your Content and/ or outcome of your application form. AACRES/gastroacademy has no obligation to use, post, or deliver any Content you submit unless a said ‘payment’ has been received. Any changes or corrections resulting from the advice received from AIES/gastroacademy is solely your responsibility, and you agree to hold harmless AIES/its websites and its Clients from and against any claim resulting thereof.

You agree to provide AACRES/its websites with accurate and complete personal information including your current and previous employment where appropriate and other content relevant to your application form or membership process, so as to help us in providing best possible advice. AACRES/its websites/clients may ask you for other information about yourself, relevant to the scope of our activities and/or help with your application. All such information about you, as well as any information in your AACRES/its websites Membership Profile( as and when created and/or submitted by you on to website), is sole responsibility regarding the accuracy of this Information.

Contract: On our part, we will try to ensure within reason that our online services will be uninterrupted and any communications will be free of error, but will not be able to guarantee beyond reason. Any payment received by you will be processed with by help of our client’s including but not limited to ‘PayPal’ and an email confirmation of the order will be sent. Please see our client’s website for its ‘Terms and Conditions’ as applicable. You confirm your acceptance, at the point of us sending our confirmatory email to you.  Any deadlines accepted for any particular service, we will strive to complete within the stipulated time. We cannot guarantee the execution of such services always within the agreed times when situation is beyond our reasonable control, but we will try to inform you in such an event. We expect you to provide all information required and we shall not be held responsible when inadequate information as requested by you is not provided within agreed times and will result in breach of contract.  AACRES/gastroacademy and its clients will not be held responsible/and relieve any liability for any lack of service provision resulting thereof or due to any extraneous/unexpected circumstances beyond our reasonable knowledge/control. You agree that any communication/content in any format you receive from AACRES/ gastroacademy or its clients via email or on the website, to satisfy legal equivalent of communication in writing. You further agree that any services provided by us is solely advisory in nature and cannot guarantee customer satisfaction. This would not be a reason for refund and you agree to abide by these and other terms as set out in ‘Terms and conditions’. We shall agree for a fixed period of ‘revision’ of advice only if the recruitment or client’s circumstances changed drastically and may be no longer than 24hrs from the time of us sending you our advisory communications, if you fail to respond to our communication for more than 7 days when we are providing services to you then we shall deem that the contract is terminated. By soliciting our services, you agree for these terms.

Intellectual property and Confidentiality aspects: Non-Disclosure of AACRES and its Client Information- except to that  required by law or as permitted in writing by AIES for the purpose of facilitating any particular activity, as a User/Member of AACRES/its websites and thereafter, you agree not to disclose to any Third Party (which is defined as follows for purposes of these Terms and Conditions/Terms of Use and Privacy Policy- any entity, organization or person other than the party who disclosed the protected information to you) or to attempt to use or personally benefit from any Protected Information (which is defined as follows: any intellectual property, including without limitation any trade secrets, know-how, or copyrighted information ,information about actual or potential business, other confidential information of AACRES/its websites or its Clients , as well as the name of any Client; in any of the Client or of AIES ) that is disclosed to or known by you because of your participation in the AACRES until such time as the Protected Information has become publicly available which should not be due to your own action. You will promptly notify AACRES, unless prohibited from doing so by the express terms of a government or court order/sunpoena, if you are compelled by order of a court or other governmental or legal body (or have notice that such an order is being sought) to divulge any Protected Information to anyone other than AACRES. You will also agree that you will cooperate fully with AIES in protecting such information to the extent possible under applicable by law. Information contained in these terms is influenced by and credited to information of glgroup.com.

You owe the same duty of non-disclosure to such other users/members as you would to any Client under these Terms and Conditions. You should clearly note that your obligations not to use or personally benefit from Protected Information as set forth above prohibit you from using information you learn during  these activities for any other non AACRES related activities.

Privacy Policy Access Rights specify that your username and password (if and when provided) are for your individual use only. You should understand that your use of content is authorized on an individual basis for individual use only, unless clearly specified otherwise by written agreement between you and AACRES.  

All Intellectual Property of AACRES are defined as all material on AIES's websites, whether explicitly marked or not, as well as any other AACRES material that you receive as a User/Member is the proprietary property of AACRES and/or its licensors. Such materials may not be copied, reproduced, distributed, transmitted, broadcast, displayed, sold, licensed, uploaded, or otherwise exploited without the prior written consent of the respective owners.  Information contained in these terms is influenced by and credited to information of glgroup.com.

Usage of this sites content or any websites run by AACRES is solely for your use only, except as expressly permitted in this Agreement. Furthermore any copying, distribution or modification of the site’s content is strictly prohibited. We clarify that no part of the materials/contents on this site or other sites run by AACRES may be copied for resale or other commercial use, or posted on public bulletin boards, blogs, any remotely concerned/relevant web sites, internet domains, or online chartrooms etc. We also expressly prohibit any part of the content to be used in any way in other software. In the event of multiple concurrent logins, excessive search quantities or excessive download traffic volumes; AACRES reserves the right in its sole discretion to change and or cancel an individual's user name and password or to disable an IP address without notice. You agree to comply with all applicable laws, including international, local and the user’s country of access; laws and regulations, in connection with the content. We endeavour to deliver the services within the time frame assured, but in exceptional circumstances we might delay the provision of services with out prior notice. Usage of any of the content including materials and documents set you electronically or in hard copy, would automatically be considered as acceptance of the contract and the 'terms and Conditions' of site usage.

Policy on News and Events and Announcements: You agree that AACRES has the right to make and retain an audio, video or other recording of your participation in any of AACRES activities and attribute that recording to you, notwithstanding your exercise of an opt-out. You further agree that AACRES has the exclusive right to use, distribute, reproduce, publish, reprint, modify, adapt, sublicense, and publicly display such recordings, in whole or in part, in original form or as edited or modified by AACRES, in all languages and forms, for any commercial or noncommercial purpose unless otherwise agreed in writing. Content on AACRES News (which may include your Member Information) may be visible to others on AIES’s websites, transmitted to third parties through forwarding features that AACRES may make available on its websites, and used in Marketing Materials notwithstanding your exercise of an opt-out.

The AIES/gastroacademy panel has conscientiously and carefully tried to create the content to the best of their ability. However, standards and practices clinically change constantly. Users are advised to use their sense of responsibility before applying the content.We like to clarify that our 'Advisory servie' is purely advisory in nature and we do not complete the application form for the user. The information provided in the website can form no substitute for individual patient assessment by the health care provider and consideration of data and other factors unique to the patient. Users are encouraged to follow GMC’s guidance on these. The websites content should be used as only a supportive tool to help the user’s relevant outcomes. The opinions expressed in the website are those of its authors and editors and may or may not represent the official position of any medical societies cooperating with, endorsing or recommending the website’s content.   

Content submitted to AACRES/ its websites and Clients: Content License shall clarify for any Content that you submit to AACRES or through AACRES’ websites other than in connection with a activity/project for a Client, including all its products, you retain ownership but grant AACRES a perpetual, world-wide, royalty-free, transferable, and exclusive license to use, distribute, reproduce, publish, reprint, modify, adapt, sublicense, and publicly display such Content, in whole or in part, in original form or as edited or modified by AACRES/its websites, in all languages and forms, for any commercial or noncommercial purpose unless otherwise agreed in writing. You further agree that any persons to whom AACRES provides access to such Content are free to use any ideas, concepts, know-how, or techniques contained in such Content for any purpose whatsoever including but not limited to, developing, manufacturing and marketing products using such information. 

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