Helping clinicians since 2009

bullet imagebullet imageAACRES was originally set up to help trainees in improving knowledge and skills to overcome the hurdles of examinations and interviews. It has since expanded its role into various clinical, research and educational services both within the UK and internationally and renamed as AAMS.

Now AAMS provide a wide range of services in various clinical fields, with special focus on gastroenterology and hepatology. Our team of doctors, nurses, co-ordinators and administrators intimately understand the nature of NHS, with most continuing to work in some form within the NHS. This knowledge and skill sets combination as led to our team offering help with waiting list initiatives in the NHS hospitals. Most of our team members are happy to work extra hours beyond their regular jobs to help NHS trusts across the UK facing significant waiting list pressures and need to provide effective and safe clinical services.

We not only help with providing waiting list services, but also help trusts in understanding of demand, current activity and capacity, current sustainable waiting list size and how to manage backlog. These can be both for outpatient and also endoscopy activities.

We also help with planning of pre-clinical and early phase I and II research trial set up with collaboration internationally, thereby shortening the time from mere ideas to clinical outcomes.

AAMS has continued to provide educational events with focus on interview preparation, optimisation on applications for the jobs and CVs for medical and dental trainees. Many deaneries have been appreciative of the free information provided on our various websites including and We have also developed close working relationships with many hospitaltrusts and medical staffing departments in the U.K; this has helped us to guide several aspiring doctors from across the world to work and train in the U.K. 

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